Two Bhubaneshwar boys have created history. Yes, MD Ahmad Raza and Prem Panday have developed pens using eco-friendly materials (such as flower seeds, fruits, vegetables and newspaper). In fact, they created 2 versions of the disposable pens and the products are available for sale via the start-up company Likhna. The cost of the two kinds of pens is Rs 5 and Rs 7 each.

In addition to India, the pens are available in countries such as Australia and Germany. Moreover, the duo has received good reviews for their initiative from people around the world. The Internet community, is, also, hailing the boys’ efforts. In fact, they have received congratulatory messages from several people; they are applauding the efforts of the boys who are working towards making the place a better place to live in.

However, only the body of the pens is composed of biodegradable products while the pen refill is constituted of plastic material. Now, the duo is working to replace the plastic refill with environmental-friendly materials. Only then, the pens will be truly plastic-free, they say.

Moreover, they state that the pens can be disposed in soil matter; and then, after couple of weeks, they will germinate into plants.
We hope that they are able to find a solution to the plastic refill of the pens soon!

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