Do you suffer from hair troubles, primarily hair fall? Are you looking for effective, natural remedies to curtail your hair-linked issues? If you have answered YES to both these questions, then you must consider using onion oil. 

Now, hair problems can cause life to come to a standstill. And if you’re grappling with hair fall, then you could be suffering from several other scalp troubles too. These include balding, hair thinning, dandruff, and greying.

Pollution is one of the leading causes of hair-linked issues. Of course, you may try protecting your hair by covering your head with a scarf or applying a heat protectant, but to no avail. Gradually, you suffer from hair damage and your hair starts losing its natural shine.

More so, applying polluted water to your hair compounds your hair-related problems. By doing so, not only do hair strands become weak and lifeless but also the natural oil starts draining from your hair. In turn, your hair strands start breaking away from the scalp.

Though we cannot do much about pollution-related dilemmas, yet you can practice some natural remedies to prevent hair damage.

Onion oil application is an Ayurvedic solution for boosting the regrowth of your hair and preventing hair fall. Only you have to use the oil regularly for flaunting thick and healthy hair. Alongside this, you must make sure to eat a nutritious diet for the best results.

Onion Oil: Various Benefits

In the following details, you can know more about the different benefits of onion oil for hair.

  • Onion juice contains aplenty antioxidants. And by using the oil, you promote the functioning of those enzymes that help to prevent hair fall. In the process, you have a normal hair growth cycle.
  • Using onion oil on your hair promotes hair regrowth. As such, if you use onion oil periodically, you can avoid, treat, and prevent baldness. 
  • Onion oil contains a range of nutrients. Sulfur in onion oil can prevent hair thinning, split ends, and hair breakage. Additionally, other nutritional compounds present in onions are effective in preventing hair oxidation. With the use of onion oil on hair, you can also maintain the pH levels of the hair. Consequently, you can prevent premature hair greying.
  • Onion oil nourishes your hair. With the sulphur nutrient in onion, you can improve the quality of your hair follicles. More so, with regular application of the oil, your blood circulation improves and ensures thick hair regrowth.
  • If you’re looking to prevent hair growth around your crown portion, simply apply onion oil around that area. When you do so, dandruff and bacterial infections do not emanate in these areas also.
  • To increase the length of your hair too, the use of onion oil is recommended. This is a cost-effective way of strengthening your hair roots for sporting lustrous hair.
  • For enhanced benefits, you can mix onion oil with carrier oils (such as coconut oil and olive oil) and apply the oil mixture over your scalp.
  • Onion oil in its role as a natural conditioner helps in controlling frizz and preventing dryness.

Summing Up

Besides onion oil, you can also try different onion-based hair products for improving your hair health. Hair shampoo, hair serum, hair mask – all are available for you to take your pick from.

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