Ganapathi Bhat is a 48-year old farmer and he has developed an inventive bike for facilitating the process of cultivating and maintaining Areca nut plantations. Perched on the bike, the person can climb the trees to spray pesticides and plucking nuts.

The conventional method of mounting the Areca nut trees was cumbersome and was leading to shortage of workforce. However, with the bike, the workers can climb the trees with ease for spraying pesticides and harvesting crops.

During the rainy season, the trees are sprayed with pesticides; and towards the end of the year, the nuts from the trees are ripe and have to be plucked.

Areca trees measure 100 feet on an average. Also, they grow vertically from the ground, so climbing the trees becomes a risky affair. Besides, the traditional tree climbers are in short supply and there is prolonged waiting for these laborers. All these factors tend to affect the trees adversely.

Moreover, the farmers tried using drones and other equipment to spray pesticides, but to no avail. Nevertheless, now, the person can ride the newly-invented bike up to the top of the trees for spraying insecticides.

In fact, the bike helps the person to climb the Areca trees within 1 minute or so. The traditional climbers take around 8 minutes. Hence, by reducing the time taken to climb the tree, the work output increases.

The bike runs on 2.1 BJP motor and has a 2-stroke gearbox, two chains, and hydraulic drum disk break. The bike, also, has a handle and a brake. A person who weighs around 80 kg can ride the bike.

Other than that, the scooter uses petrol and there are indicators to check the content of oil and petrol. Furthermore, for one liter of petrol, the bike needs 40 ml of engine oil. Also, the bike requires only 1 liter of petrol per 100 climbs.

On a daily average, traditional climbers charge 2000 rupees per day for climbing 40 trees or so. Nonetheless, the bike helps to save 4000 rupees per day.

Indeed, Ganapathi’s daughter Supriya is proud of her father’s invention. Moreover, she aspires to help her father climb trees and lend him a helping hand in farming.

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