Do you know that your bedding materials are laden with bacteria, dead skin, fungus, fecal matter, and mites? Yes, sweat, make-up, lotions, and other stuff, tend to build up inside the beddings, which makes them breeding grounds for the microbial elements. For this reason, you must clean your bed-sheets and disinfect your mattresses often.

In fact, once per week, you should put your bedsheets in the washing machine and disinfect your mattress on a regular basis.

How to Disinfect Mattresses

One of the easiest ways of disinfecting mattresses is by allowing them to dry under the sun. The sun’s UV rays eliminate the microbes, and in turn, disinfect the mattresses.

Then, you should apply a vacuum cleaner on the mattresses. By doing so, the dust particles can be removed. The vacuum cleaners come equipped with a crevice tool and an upholstery attachment, both of which effectively suck the dust particles.

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More so, if liquid has spilled over the mattresses, then dab the liquid with clean towels before running the vacuum cleaner on the bedding materials.

Subsequently, you must apply heat via a handheld garment steamer for getting rid of the contagious elements. The microbes perish as a result of heat application.

The next step is to shower a small quantity of baking soda to refresh the materials. After allowing to dry for few minutes, you should run the vacuum cleaner over the materials again.

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To eliminate more germs, you can use an antibacterial spray. However, do not use bleach because it can be harsh on the fabrics. As an alternative, you can apply liquid cleaner after adding water, as per the given instructions. Start by taking a rag and immersing in the prepared solution; thereafter, wring out the extra water. Continue by cleaning the materials with the wet cloth.

In case you are applying disinfectant sprays, only spray a small amount on the surface of the mattress. Then, take a cloth and dunk in lukewarm water and follow by wringing out the water. Now, wipe the mattress with the damp cloth.

The next step is to let the mattress dry under sunlight for few hours. Also, change the sides every couple of hours.

Finally, use a mattress protector or pad for wrapping the mattress. More so, cover the mattress with sheets and other furnishings. Then, you can enjoy a restful sleep.

Why Mattress Protectors are Important?

Mattress protectors help by trapping the microbial elements. Additionally, they help to keep allergens and dust mites away.

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Moreover, they can curb the flow of liquids, water, and sweat into the mattress. Note that if the mattresses become wet, it can lead to the build-up of molds and mildew. Thus, make sure to keep the bed materials dry.

Indeed, there is are a range of mattress covers that you can choose from. As per your needs, you can take your pick from the lot. Nevertheless, you must make sure to adhere to the care instructions if you want them to serve you for long.

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