Covid-19 vaccination gives birth to a range of side effects. So, after getting the vaccine, you’re advised to take the mandatory precautions and medicines to be on the safer side. Now, the side effects of the Coronavirus vaccine are not as serious as the infection. However, do not be negligent because you then cannot rule out the possibility of serious complications arising.

Whether you remain asymptomatic or develop side effects after being administered the Covid-19 vaccine, you should take adequate rest after taking the vaccine. Lately, Singapore’s Health Ministry has issued an advisory stating that people must not indulge in intensive activities post-vaccination to avoid health complications.

Do Covid-19 vaccines lead to mild side effects?

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If you take the Covid vaccine, then you may have side effects. Some people may not experience any symptoms, whereas others can display mild symptoms. 

Among some side effects that people experience commonly are:

Soreness, pain, and rashes




Joint pain

Getting enough rest after getting your Coronavirus vaccine is very important


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Although side effects are common after getting your COVID vaccine, you can manage them well. 

The medical experts recommend taking maximum bed rest after taking the vaccine. Also, by drinking sufficient water and eating healthy foods, you can alleviate your symptoms quickly. To treat headaches, fatigues, and fever after vaccination, you can take pain-relievers.

Is exercising post-vaccination advisable? Do the Singapore officials suggest doing so?

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After taking the COVID vaccine, many people want to know whether they can continue their exercise regime or not.

Now, Singapore’s health ministry officials advise people to avoid engaging in strenuous exercises for one week after they take their first and second vaccine doses. Reason being, some cases of youngsters ailing from heart-related issues have been reported after getting the jabs.

Which exercises to avoid post-vaccination?

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The general recommendation by the health officials is to avoid physical activities for a week following vaccination. Do not indulge in low-impact exercises cycling, running, and swimming. Likewise, avoid high-impact exercises such as basketballs, badminton, heavy weight lifting, jogging, and tennis.

For 1 week after getting the vaccine, you can stay active by walking, stretching your body, and running household errands.

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