June 18, 2024

Have you joined the wireless technology bandwagon yet?

Wireless technology is here to rescue you from the bother of wired accessories. Now, we’ve all been let down by our smartphone chargers in times of need. Yes, we’ve gone through the rummaging around for our connectors and wires when the battery is blinking red and you’re on long work calls. At such times, dealing with detangled wires can be oh-so bothersome.You surely have hoped for wireless technology during such stressful times. Luckily, many companies are launching wireless smartphone accessories to free you from the troubles of lengthywires dangling from your mobiles.

With more and more companies coming up with cord-free connectors, cord-cutting in smartphone accessories will gather steam in the coming years. Wireless technology gained popularity after dual USB cables, which are referred to as pen drives for mobiles, started to substitute data cables – for transferring content from smartphones to computers and vice versa.

Ref: https://honestproscons.com/what-is-wireless-technology/

As part of their commitment to wireless technology, brands have started removing audio ports from the latest range of smartphones. Instead, they are introducing devices with only one standard port for both earplugs and charging. In turn, the demand for Bluetooth wireless headphones and earphones is rising significantly. Brands are now veering towards reducing another wired hassle, which is your phone battery charger.

Brands are constantly improvising and producing sleeker and stylish gadgets. More so, wireless accessories that support Bluetooth and Qi technology offer a host of benefits. They are portable, flexible, convenient, and efficient. With a wireless charging pad, you can charge a range of devices – including smartwatches, smartphones, and earphones. So, you can save yourself the headache of using different power cables and connectors to charge each device.

As per a research study by Strategy Analytics (a market research company), the demand for wireless charging technology has only grown.Going by the trends, several prominent smartphone brands are introducing smartphones that support wireless technology in their best-selling models.Over 10 million smartphones come with wireless technology as a basic feature. Some brands are even removing charger adaptors that come with select models.Besides, more and more smartphone users are opting for devices that are easy to use.

Wireless technology offers added benefits of charging and backing up smartphone data, wirelessly. In the process, customers can back up their data in smartphone memory. As such, some brands are providing options where you can simultaneouslycharge and back up your smartphone data. Smartphone users are increasingly choosing wireless technology over wired accessories, too. This trend is all set to cause a major upheaval in the Indian smartphone market and boost the demand for wireless technology. The switch will happen rapidly and is here to stay. This is all happening because phone OEMs are creating a supportive ecosystem and working to synergize brands. Here,

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